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1999 - Nov. 11 LECTURE: John Soane: An Accidental Romantic, an illustrated lecture at the House of the Redeemer, New York City, by Gillian Darley on the subject of her recent book of the same name, published by Yale University Press. The evening was co-sponsored by Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts and the lecture was followed by a reception. Ms. Darley, a writer and broadcaster, is Chairman of the Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings.
1999 - Oct. 18 LECTURE: John Soane: In and Out of Context, an illustrated lecture at Christies’s by Robert Rosenblum, Professor of Fine Arts at New York University, on Soane and his stormy relationships with the artists and architects of his era. The evening was presented in conjunction with Christie’s and a reception followed the lecture, with a dinner in Christie’s Board Room for Board Members and other Foundation supporters.
1999 - Sept. 15 to 19 SOANE TRAVELS: London Trip to attend a Private View at the Royal Academy of Arts in London of the exhibition John Soane, Architect: Master of Space and Light. Several Board members and other Soane afficionados journeyed to the UK and as well as visiting the Royal Academy they spent time at the Houses of Parliament, took a hard-hat tour of the new Tate Gallery (to be called the Tate Modern), a tour of Greenwich, in particular the National Maritime Museum, led by project architect Gavin Miller from Rick Mather’s office, enjoyed a candlelight dinner at the Museum, and visited several Soane houses in the Norfolk area, including the Old Rectory at Saxlingham, Letton Hall, Wimpole Hall, Shottesham Hall and the rarely visited Music Room at Earsham.
1999 - May 11 LECTURE: George Washington, Architect. An illustrated lecture at the Harvard Club by Allan Greenberg, with Harrison Ford as Honorary Chairman, on George Washington’s preoccupation with architecture in the creation of his house, gardens and farms at Mount Vernon and his collaboration with Peter Charles L’Enfant in developing a master plan for our nation’s capitol. The lecture was a joint venture with the Harvard Club.
1999 - March 4 TALK: Architecture as Identity: The Future of Classicism. A panel discussion at the Union Club on the issues raised by the question of the viability of the classical style, designed to explore whether the classical and modern approaches to architecture can coexist successfully. Robert Venturi was Honorary Chairman, Paul Goldberger was Moderator and the panelists were Paul Byard, Allan Greenberg, Charles Gwathmey and Donald Rattner. The discussion was followed by a reception and dinner.
1999 - Jan. 27 LECTURE: Keepers of the Flame: A Celebration of Classicism in America. Beyond Style: Sir John Soane and the Bank of England. An illustrated lecture given by Daniel Abramson, Soane Fellowship recipient, at the New York School of Interior Design on Sir John Soane’s work at the Bank of England, a definition of his style and its manifestations in American architecture and interiors, followed by a reception . This was a joint event with the New York School of Interior Design, with Stuart Wrede as Honorary Chairman and Robin Middleton as Honored Guest. A private supper party was given for Board members and special friends by Colin and Mary MacLachlan at their home.
1998 - Nov. 19 to 21 SOANE TRAVELS USA: Keepers of the Flame: A Celebration of Classicism in America. Manifestations of Classicism in our Nation’s Capitol. A trip to Washington, DC, including: a reception and private view of Robert Adam: The Creative Mind at the Octagon, private tour of Blair House, tickets for Van Gogh’s Van Goghs luncheon with Sir Christopher Meyer and Lady Meyer at the British Ambassador’s residence, private tour of the Department of State Diplomatic and Reception Rooms, formal dinner at the National Museum for Women in the Arts, breakfast with Allan Greenberg to discuss Washington’s Mount Vernon, and a private tour of Mount Vernon.
1998 - Jan. 16 SYMPOSIUM: Chunnel Vision: France and England and the Reciprocity of Taste, 1763-1851. An all-day Symposium held at Alliance Française in cooperation with The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts and with Christie’s. Then a reception and Gala Dinner at the Union Club, New York with distinguished speakers, including J. Carter Brown and the Countess of Rosebery.
1997 - Dec. 15 EXHIBITION: Robert Adam - The Creative Mind: From the Sketch to the Finished Drawing, a selection of 66 drawings and watercolors by Robert and James Adam and artists from their studio, on loan from Sir John Soane’s Museum, London. Opening reception planned by The Fellows of The Frick Collection at One East 70th Street, New York.
1997 - 1996 UNLOCKING THE SECRETS OF THE SOANE MUSEUM SERIES: Four evening presentations, followed by Receptions and Dinners, investigating Sir John Soane’s ideas and collections to uncover hidden meanings and the significance of his architecture and artifacts.

June 11, 1997 - Sir John Soane’s Imprint on the Twentieth Century: An Exploration of Soane’s Continuing Influence on Contemporary Architecture and Design. Brendan Gill, Honorary Chairman Jaquelin Robertson, Moderator. Michael Graves, Thomas Beeby, Keith Irvine, John Saladino, Panelists. A Panel of architects and designers discussing the current significance of Soane’s seminal work.

April 10, 1997 - Soane’s Hogarths: The Avid Quest of a Resolute Collector. Eugene Thaw, Honorary Chairman. Ronald Paulson, Speaker (Johns Hopkins University). To mark the occasion of Hogarth’s tercentenary, this presentation explored the attraction of Hogarth’s work to Soane and others who collected it during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

January 21, 1997 - Sir John Soane: Enlightenment Thought and The Masonic Movement.
Christopher Monkhouse, Honorary Chairman. David Watkin, Speaker (Cambridge University). An exploration of Enlightenment thought and its connection with the Masonic movement with regard to their effect on Soane and his circle.

October 16, 1996 -The Architectural Interior: Collectors, Architects and Visionaries from Walpole to Soane. Albert Hadley, Honorary Chairman. Stephen Calloway, Speaker (Victoria & Albert Museum). An illustrated presentation showing how the architectural interior was transformed by contact with ancient civilizations during this period of intense archeological excavation.

1996 COLLECTORS AND COLLECTING SERIES. This series took its focus from the exhibit entitled Soane: Connoisseur and Collector, shown at The Frick Collection from April 30 until July 7, 1996.

May 22, 1996 - Margaret Richardson, Curator of Sir John Soane’s Museum and Helen Dorey, Inspectress and Deputy Curator, Sir John Soane’s Museum. A free illustrated lecture at The Frick Collection on Soane as a collector of works of art and antiquities was given by Helen Dorey: Margaret Richardson discussed Soane as a collector of drawings. The lectures were followed by a dinner to commemorate the Foundation’s fifth anniversary.

April 24, 1996 - Private View of the Exhibition, Soane: Connoisseur and Collector. A preview of the first traveling exhibition from Sir John Soane’s Museum on view at The Frick Collection, April - July 1996. A fund-raising dinner followed the preview.

March 14, 1996 - A panel discussion exploring different aspects of the ethics of collecting with John Harris, Architectural Historian, Phyllis Lambert, Director, Centre Canadien d’Architecture, George Ortiz, Collector of Antiquities, Eugene V. Thaw, Honorary Chairman and Moderator.

1995 - Oct. 20 to 22 SOANE TRAVELS USA: Jefferson’s Virginia. A trip to Albemarle County Virginia to explore Jefferson as an architect, designer of interiors and horticulturist. The trip included visits to Monticello, the University of Virginia, Poplar Forest and private Jeffersonian houses and collections.
1995 - 1994 SOANE AND JEFFERSON SERIES. Four evening presentations exploring the careers of Sir John Soane and Thomas Jefferson. Each presentation was followed by a reception and dinner.

April 26, 1995 - Mark Hampton, Mark Hampton, Inc.; Keith Irvine, Irvine & Fleming, Inc.; J. Carter Brown, Honorary Chairman. An analysis of Jefferson’s and Soane’s innovative contributions to the decorative arts and interior design with an emphasis on their use of space and light.

February 15, 1995 - Richard Guy Wilson, Commonwealth Professor, Chair of Architectural History, University of Virginia; Damie Stillman, Chair and John W. Shirley Professor of Art History, University of Delaware; Allan Greenberg, Honorary Chairman. An examination of Soane’s and Jefferson’s attitudes toward the urban milieu and the natural landscape, and, the physical and symbolic roles their buildings played in these settings.

November 16, 1994 - Barry Bergdoll, Architectural Historian, Department of Art, Columbia University; Wendell Garrett, Senior Vice President of American Decorative Arts, Sotheby’s, and Editor-at-Large, Antiques; Douglas Lewis, Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts, National Gallery of Art; Suzanne Stephens, Honorary Chair and Moderator. An exploration of the work of certain architects in Germany, France and Italy as well as in the United States and England during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and how their works and writings may have contributed to the architectural development of Jefferson and Soane.

October 26, 1994 - Jaquelin T. Robertson, Partner, Cooper, Robertson & Partners; Robin Middleton, Professor, Dept. of Art History, Columbia University; Philip Johnson, Honorary Chairman; Peter Thornton, Honored Guest, Curator of Sir John Soane’s Museum. An assessment of Jefferson’s and Soane’s architectural legacies in the light of their influence on architects in the twentieth century.

1994 - June 25 VISIT: Philip Johnson. A tour led by Mr. Johnson of his celebrated home, The Glass House, in New Canaan, Connecticut including a picnic lunch on the grounds and guided tours of the sculpture and painting galleries by the staff.
1994 - April 20 TALK: J. Carter Brown the Director Emeritus of the National Gallery of Art gave an illustrated presentation on "Windshield,” the Brown family summer retreat on Fishers Island designed by R. J. Neutra.
1993 - Oct. 16 VISIT: Pocantico. Visit to the Union Chapel in Tarrytown, New York to view the stained glass windows designed by Chagall and Matisse followed by a picnic lunch in the Coach Barn on the grounds of Pocantico, the Rockefeller Estate. After viewing the sculpture gardens, David Engle, who was commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller to design the extensive Japanese gardens at Kykuit, led the tour through these magnificent gardens.
1993 - Sept. 27 SOANE TRAVELS: Sir John Soane’s Museum. Candlelit tours of the Soane Museum in London before a concert of baroque music, followed by a reception in the drawing room.
1993 - April 21 VISIT: Avery Art and Architectural Library. A tour of the renowned collection of rare books and architectural drawings at Columbia University's library was introduced by architect Robert A.M. Stern, Professor of Architecture and Director of Historic Preservation at Columbia University. A buffet dinner followed.
1992 - Oct. 22 LECTURE: Colin Amery. This architectural critic for the London Financial Times gave a lecture entitled "Sir John Soane and the Sublime" at Sotheby's, followed by a reception.
1992 - May 6 LECTURE: Peter Thornton, the Curator of Sir John Soane’s Museum delivered a lecture entitled, “Restoring a Piece of English History: Sir John Soane’s Museum.” The lecture, given at The Cooper Hewitt Museum under the auspices of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation, was followed by the Inaugural Dinner Party held at the Fabbri Mansion to launch the Foundation.


These lectures, followed by an informal Reception, are presented without charge to interested members of the public, and are given by the recipients of the annual Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation Fellowship.

1999 - Jan. 27 Beyond Style: Sir John Soane and the Bank of England
Stuart Wrede, Honorary Chairman
Daniel Abramson, Speaker
This lecture was given as part of Keepers of the Flame: A Celebration of Classicism in America (see above)
1998 - Feb. 11 Naturalism in the Work of Turner and Soane
Robin Middleton, Honorary Chairman
Edward Wendt, Speaker (Columbia University)
1997 - Feb. 26 Citizen Soane: Representations of Civic Architecture and National Identity at Sir John Soane’s Museum.
Robin Middleton, Honorary Chairman
Sean Sawyer, Speaker (Columbia University)

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